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Defenders of Tanelorn
LoNe_WolFDate: Sunday, 2007-06-24, 7:00 PM | Message # 1
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Defenders of Tanelorn
(Music - Darkstorm / Lyrics - Icewinds)
Blaze gently sails accross the green valley
But grim are the skies upon us
Once more arose the darkness to consume our lands
Countless minions appoach our fortress
And their black armour glitters.....
[End narrative]

Grim clouds wander the skies
Last breath of sunrise dies
Dawn brings chill and dismay
It's time to rise or to fade away

White burgh surrounded by dark
Blades shine and thrust for blood
Long gaze stare at your foe
Dark clad armies are ready to go

Rise for more!
Children of dawn!

First strike shakes up the gates
Black shroud falls on our fates
Swords clash and up fly the sparks
Proud white banner surrounded by dark

Cold blaze whispers our names
With force shout out your pain
Run sraight into the storm
Final resistance of flames unborn

Blades of old!
Blister once more!

LoNe_WolFDate: Sunday, 2007-06-24, 7:00 PM | Message # 2
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Battlefield dust
(Music - Darkstorm / Lyrics - Icewinds)
Now that all the bridges burn
And the words of truth are spoken
Slowly heads of thousands turn
To hear the tale of promise broken

Rest in glory ruined past
Letters vanished are my tokens
Of beauty striving never rest
Eyes astray in final motion

Chords of chaos slowly fill
Fields of battles long forgotten
Rusty wings disturb the steel
And flesh of heroes lost and rotten

Songs of brave and coward deeds
Awaken echoes of their voices
Some died with pride and honor filled
Some rot in dust of shamefull choices...

Dust fills the sky as we fight,
Blood stains the field as we die...
Our promises broken - we cry...
All but eternity dies...

LoNe_WolFDate: Sunday, 2007-06-24, 7:01 PM | Message # 3
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Heroes of Northern Lands
(Music - Darkstorm & Warlord / lyrics - Warlock)
Shout out your war-cry into the sky,
Hold tightly your sword and prepare to die!

The armies of evil invaded our land
And now our fortress we have to defend
Over our heads looms hand of the doom
And his shining axe will split us in two

Battle has started, and war has begun
Rain clouds have covered the rising sun
Now sounds of battle are heard all around
Warriors shout out their war-cry so loud

Battlefield's covered by death, pain & scream
The ruins of fortress behind us we see
For ages our ancestors in that fortress lived
But now it is ruined and our king’s killed

Thunder is roaring and lightning strikes
Cascading with raindrops the tears from our eyes
All sins are forgiven and "amen" is said
The thunder is roaring - we all are condemned


"Fight!... to defend
In cold wind, in snow or in rain
Die!... for our land
Our kingdom forever will stand"

Our warriors always are ready to fight
For Odin to see our power and might
He’ll take our souls to Valhalla’s big hall
And train us for battle in great Ragnarock

In battle we crave to see blood of our foe
To see how it stains the field covered with snow
Our foe will not flee this battle alive
They'll pay for destruction and making us cry

Battle continues, our victory's close
Blood of the heroes through battlefield flows
Our swords are still sharp and armor is strong
We die while defending the place we belong

The battle is over and we see the sign
The sign of our victory - sun in the sky
We have defeated the horror and pain
If they come back - we'll fight once again


"Fight!... to defend
In cold wind, in snow or in rain
Fight!... 'til the end
We're heroes of Northern lands"

LoNe_WolFDate: Sunday, 2007-06-24, 7:01 PM | Message # 4
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Eternal Darkness
(Music - Darkstorm / Lyrics - Warlock)

Darkness comes to swallow us
Bloody tears in our eyes
We all know we won't survive
Our souls - condemned to die

All the sins we must forgive
'Cause no more on Earth we'll live
Our churches soon will burn
And from hell we won't return


Don't try to scream - no one will hear
Useless to pray - Satan is near
Maybe one day... hope in your eyes
Darkness will pass, and sun will rise

Never sun will shine again
Only fear and horror stay
Never life in veins will flow
And to Satan we will bow

Endless pain, eternal flames
Satan whispers our names
He will take and torment us
Until we lose our faith in gods


Soon nobody will disturb
Dark and desolated Earth
And no one will "amen" say
Beside the crosses on our graves

It is time to say goodbye
Death will come for us tonight
All our hopes are lost in dust
And no more in god we trust

LoNe_WolFDate: Sunday, 2007-06-24, 7:01 PM | Message # 5
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When love and war entwine
(Music - Darkstorm / lyrics - Warlock)

Female vocal:
[Mountain guarded from the light of sun
An old fortress stands with banners down
With the help of great Odin this kingdom survived
But many of soldiers before this help died

In one of the towers a young lady cries
And slowly a tear falls down from her eyes
The life of her husband has taken this war
And smile of her hero she won't see anymore...]

Through the silence of night heard by us
Prayer of soldier calling for gods
Mortally wounded he's laying alone
Field all around him is covered with blood

He is not afraid of the terrible scars –
There’s nothing to fear – with time they’d pass
Wounds of his soul he has to fear –
The voice of beloved he will never hear

This is warriors’ fate -
In battle to fade
For his kingdom to fight
For its freedom to die

Meanwhile in the village far away
His lady is whispering peaceful prayer
She's sitting in silence, forever she'll cry
She knows that her love is condemned to die

But silence of prayer is broken by scream -
Their kingdom is attacked by dark force's team
And after invasion no one will survive
All people will suffer until they die

“Odin, my Lord, I am calling for you
I fought for the freedom, love, and the truth
In honor of heroes and all who has died
Save our kingdom, our people, and pride”

But suddenly skies turn to grey -
Odin has heard the soldier's prayer
The blaze from the sky slays the dark force
And the ruler of darkness escapes on his horse

The flesh of that soldier in desert was found
Forever his kingdom of him will be proud
The lady he prayed for and loved is now safe
And flowers forever she'll bring to his grave

LoNe_WolFDate: Sunday, 2007-06-24, 7:02 PM | Message # 6
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Confession of the blind/ Angel of Death
(Music - Darkstorm / Lyrics - Warlock)

Moon upon me as I walk dusty path through the night
I am alone, I am lost, the black veil on my eyes
Now I am blind, I will die, but I know it's my fault
I am a murderer, and the death will consume sinner's soul


Blind - my eyes were the price
Once and forever I've paid
Paid for all my crimes...
But now my blind eyes
See what all others cannot
I see end of this world...

Alone with my sword I have killed everybody I loved
And I can't throw of my mind all these tormenting thoughts
God! - I'm not yours, 'cause for me you remained blind and deaf
Satan, take me, I shall serve if you save me from death


Darkness embraces my mind
Blind -
I pay the price for my crimes
I realize my mistakes
Pain -
I've spent my whole life in vain!

Now I'm a slave, and from hell I can finally rise
Satan, my lord, he's the one who returned me my eyes
I will now serve, no more blind, with a scythe in my hands
I will not die, because now I'm the angel of death!


LoNe_WolFDate: Sunday, 2007-06-24, 7:02 PM | Message # 7
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Tears of rage
(Music - Raven & Mad / Lyrics - Warlock)

The end of war that's taken many lives is near
And closer comes the time when there's nothing left to fear
The ages will go by but we will not forget our heroes
Who gave their lives for freedom not to leave us


Tears of rage appear in your eyes
When you see your home in ruins lies
Tears of rage and your eyes so sad
When you find your family dead!

The tears we've cried are not just tears of weeping
They mean that rage in us forever will be living
Forsaken will be nation that has invaded our lands
And will be started war - the war that never ends

Anger in me is growing stronger,
Agression is pushing me ahead.
Tears in my eyes, vengeance controlls me,
Forgotten all my fears now I am mad!

The fire in my eyes - the rage against my oldest foe
Desire to slay them, to see their rotten bodies burn
I promise - I will fight until my promise isfullfilled
The blood of betrayers will stain the battlefield

New war will start and weeping cries ascend again
This war will wake in our hearts the greatest pain
The priests will tell us:"Than war there are no bigger sins"
But tears of rage will never let us live in peace!


LoNe_WolFDate: Sunday, 2007-06-24, 7:02 PM | Message # 8
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Warriors of Ireland
(Music - Diarmaid / Lyrics - Diarmaid)

For last time I see you, my fatherland proud
The voice of the horn calling you is too loud
Our foe is so close, as we hear his war-cry
We go to the midnight to fight and to die!


Thunder in the sky is calling us to die
To die for your freedom, your truth and your pride
All hand by hand, forever we'll stand
The enemies shall run from our land!

Reminding my fathers before me they've gone
Ages and spell turned them into stone
I hear cry of Erin who loved me so well
I hear shore of water and ring of the bell


Your heroes await there, we see them arise
Their power and might come to us from the sky
Highest of Asgard will cover our heads
And Erin will wait 'till we rise from the dead!


LoNe_WolFDate: Sunday, 2007-06-24, 7:02 PM | Message # 9
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Confession of the blind II - Cemetery of Dreams
(Music - Darkstorm&Warlord / Lyrics - Warlock)

First beam of sun caresses the snow
Hope im my eyes, I am close to my home
For too long I've wandered, too many I've killed
I am servant of Satan my oath is fulfilled

Through the dust of the ages like a serpent my path
Leads me now to the place I called home in my past
My heart is as cold as the oceans afar
And I seek for repentace, my future's still dark

Endless sorrow, constant pain, never-ending grief
This forsaken kingdom has buried all my dreams
I hoped to find someone to trust in my childhood's place
Now I'm crashed by what I see, now I dream of death

Cowards, liars, and betrayers rule my father's land
Long time ago he died, died by my scornful hand
He seemed to be I tyrant I thought that he was mad
And for that murder I was caught and my eyes bled

I cry, I know the time won't come for me, I fear
And I feel that everyone abandoned me, I see
No hope - all human souls are dead in here, I cry
I wish I could just close my eyes and die...
Revenge - be mine!!!
You all like dirty rats will die!!!

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